Minneapolis Cliché


Minneapolis seemed to have at least 10 different sports teams competing against each other. In Minneapolis many things looked Scandinavian, there were even people playing Molkky in a park. Minneapolis looked like it had been destroyed and then rebuilt with the same materials that had been destroyed in the first place. Minneapolis was under construction everywhere. In Minneapolis hipster burgers were goooooood. In Minneapolis, there were many strip clubs. Minneapolis had the best art museum in the Midwest. Minneapolis looked very “nineties”. In Minneapolis there was not much “Prince” sightseeing. We fell in love with Minneapolis for an afternoon, like we usually do with other American cities.
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Climbing a Giant Dune In The Rain – Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

We have one “people traveling in a van” problem that does not have a solution: rain. It has been raining SO MUCH since we started our road trip along Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. See, our van is actually a car which is a great house when it’s sunny, but miserable if it rains for more than a day. Stuff gets easily wet, it doesn’t ever get dry, we are stuck inside our super small van. Continue reading “Climbing a Giant Dune In The Rain – Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan”

Grand Avenue Tour at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Henri walking the Grand Avenue tour, Mammoth Cave

Last week, Henri and I took the Grand Avenue Tour at Mammoth Cave National Park, KY. Mammoth Cave National Park hosts the longest cave system in the world by far, with 400 miles of trails and passages. With such a huge underworld to discover, it is not a surprise that dozens of tours are proposed from very short & easy to very long & strenuous. Here is a review with pictures of the Grand Avenue Tour. Continue reading “Grand Avenue Tour at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky”

Nashville Express

Cadillac in Nashville

A new city made it inside my list of great US cities: Nashville. Henri and I were only able to visit the capital of Tennessee for a few hours as we have to move up north a bit faster to meet people in Kentucky this Friday, and we have to work… But we had a sense of HOW COOL it is. Nashville is cool! It’s lively, touristy yet authentic, with a lot of positive energy and really entertaining, hip neighborhoods around Downtown. Continue reading “Nashville Express”