Slow Life in Florida – The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota

Last week, Henri and I camped around Sarasota in Florida. Luckily, we were there on a Monday and were able to visit the fabulous Ringling Museum of Art for free.

The Ringling is a huge building complex that was originally built in 1927 for John Ringling, the owner of a circus empire who was also an avid art collector. But the art lover/entrepreneur, who actually made more money through real estate investment, saw his empire fail after the Great Depression. His art collection and legacy were eventually donated to the University of Florida. Continue reading “Slow Life in Florida – The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota”

Florida Keys, The One Hundred Mile Journey from Paradise to Hell

Hair Wraps and Cornrows

A few days before leaving New York, Henri and I had decided that our first route would be New York – Key West. A town at the end of “Road One”, floating in the ocean : it sounded like a perfect goal.

After eight weeks on the road along the U.S. Atlantic Coast and a week in the Lower and Middle Keys, we closed the first chapter of our trip in Key West, Florida.  Continue reading “Florida Keys, The One Hundred Mile Journey from Paradise to Hell”

Miami is a Beach

Hello, I didn’t really like Miami. I’m writing this and I still have to spend two days here ; if I could I’d just cancel my AirBnb and leave. The problem is not really the obnoxious/douchey/touristy-everything (please check this video playlist to understand what Miami is about). I actually had fun trying to find famous French rappers on the beach, the water is very turquoise, the people are friendly, cuban sandwiches taste amazing, the museums are fabulous, Art Deco is fantastic, the diversity is incredible, etc. Henri and I went way outside of South Beach to experience it. Continue reading “Miami is a Beach”

We saw a SpaceX Rocket Launch at Cape Canaveral

Space X Falcon 9 March 30 2017

Henri and I usually try to spend carefully on this adventure —some “office” days on a free campsite, we even manage to live with less than $5— but there is one experience for which we knew we were going to splurge: a visit to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. I’m not a real space nerd, but come on, you can not be indifferent to the fact humans are able to launch rockets into space and even landed on the Moon.

Continue reading “We saw a SpaceX Rocket Launch at Cape Canaveral”