Miami is a Beach

Hello, I didn’t really like Miami. I’m writing this and I still have to spend two days here ; if I could I’d just cancel my AirBnb and leave. The problem is not really the obnoxious/douchey/touristy-everything (please check this video playlist to understand what Miami is about). I actually had fun trying to find famous French rappers on the beach, the water is very turquoise, the people are friendly, cuban sandwiches taste amazing, the museums are fabulous, Art Deco is fantastic, the diversity is incredible, etc. Henri and I went way outside of South Beach to experience it.

No, the problem is the immense hassle with parking and driving. I may remember this struggle  about Miami more than anything else we’ve done there. Unless you have a lot of time, this big city can’t be visited through public transportation, so anytime you want to do something, you end up in this scenario:

  • drive 30 minutes
  • try to find parking (another 15 min)
  • realize your spot charges $4 an hour (it’s NEVER transparent and never free)
  • park elsewhere (another 15 minutes)
  • plan how much time you will need (always too little or too much)
  • download 5 different apps to pay
  • feel like all of this very much looks like a typical mafia business, where is all that money going?
  • once all of this is over, do everything you can to avoid hitting or being hit by another car to get home (no use of signals, dangerous passing, etc.).

If you’re used to cities with a good subway system, do yourself a favor, do not take one of these cheap AirBnb in Little Haiti, just grab a room in South Beach and don’t even try to get anywhere else. If you do, take a Lyft.

Once parked, we had good times though. It’s an exhibitionist city, so I didn’t feel as creepy taking photographs or random strangers and putting them on the web. I mean, that’s totally creepy to do this, but maybe it’s not as creepy in Miami.

A tiny good-looking subway that unfortunately goes nowhere really useful for a tourist.

People, looking amazing as usual.

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