Vegas for frugalists

Of all American experiences, visiting Las Vegas is one of the most incompatible with frugal travel. Pandemonium for penny-pinching people, a challenge for frugal people. What does it mean to be frugal? I separate it from being “stingy” as most often real stingy people don’t even want to engage in activities, so not even visit Vegas or experience the casino. Frugalists search for the best comprise to engage into something without breaking the bank, i.e. visit the casino and enjoy as much as possible without spending a lot.

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5 Ways To Save Money When Traveling With A Van in the US

Saving our cash isn’t absolutely necessary while we travel as we maintain some form of work, but we try to regardless, as frugalists planning for a future where we won’t get retirement money from the French government, as we spent too much time outside of the country.

Here are the 5 easiest ways to save our bucks while traveling in a van across the United States (while still having a blast). Since I lost all my photos from San Diego after accidentally dropping my phone in the toilet bowl, this topic will replace my San Diego article of the journey. Continue reading “5 Ways To Save Money When Traveling With A Van in the US”

We Survived Yellowstone National Park in July

Yellowstone National Park is one of these places I had heard about when I was working for Lonely Planet in Paris, as I posted so many pictures of its famous colorful pool on social media. For a long time, I thought Yellowstone was only about that crazy-looking pool. And I naively thought it was one of these very remote, barely visited places in the US. Well, we actually made it here, and I must say all my assumptions about this park were completely wrong. There is so much to see and do in Yellowstone that it kept us busy for a full week and it’s the biggest, busiest US national park we’ve visited. Continue reading “We Survived Yellowstone National Park in July”

“Van life”: How Much Does Overnight Parking Cost?

Long Key State park

If you want to live on the road in the United States and would like to get an idea of budget for parking and camping, hopefully I can help as I did keep track of everything we spent for campgrounds and other overnight parking so far. We have been spending about $25 per night on average over 6 months. Edit : Over two years (2017-2019), this ended up much cheaper after we reached Western US where car camping is virtually free. You can find everything inside the spreadsheet at the bottom of this article. Continue reading ““Van life”: How Much Does Overnight Parking Cost?”