Minneapolis Cliché

Minneapolis seemed to have at least 10 different sports teams competing against each other. In Minneapolis many things looked Scandinavian, there were even people playing Molkky in a park. Minneapolis looked like it had been destroyed and then rebuilt with the same materials that had been destroyed in the first place. Minneapolis was under construction everywhere. In Minneapolis hipster burgers were goooooood. In Minneapolis, there were many strip clubs. Minneapolis had the best art museum in the Midwest. Minneapolis looked very “nineties”. In Minneapolis there was not much “Prince” sightseeing. We fell in love with Minneapolis for an afternoon, like we usually do with other American cities.
minneapolis_architecture minneapolis_band_box_burger minneapolis_depot minneapolis_dreamgirls minneapolis_dylan_mural minneapolis_haircut minneapolis_mills_2 minneapolis_mills_3 minneapolis_mills minneapolis_museum_art_2 minneapolis_museum_art minneapolis_roofs_warehouse_district minneapolis_stadium minneapolis_style minneapolis_theatre_round minneapolis tower

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