Los Angeles Digital Nomadic Style

During the time when we arrived in Los Angeles following Highway 1, I was freelancing for a French company. I needed to get work done three days a week with professional phone calls starting at 6 in the morning to match the European time zone. It was very hard, but it was a good deal considering I could still travel and keep making good money at the same time. For a few weeks in December 2017, we camped outside of L.A between Thursday and Monday, and rented Airbnbs in Los Angeles and around from Monday evening to Thursday morning.

Ojai, California

We found a free campsite 45 min north of Pasadena near highway 5 in a National forest. That place became our base when we needed to camp not far from Los Angeles. It was in the middle of nature, yet so close to a major city, so there sometimes were a few hobos with us and people just looking for a free rent. We did small talk with two nice kids living in their Subaru who were in love with our car. They just couldn’t believe we had found the car for less than $10000. We saw them again another time we camped there. The place had surprisingly very little trash and always had a free spot. The area from Ojai to Castaic is a neo-hippie heaven in general (recently burning pretty much six month of the year though) and a good place to experience freedom the American way.

Ojai, Kombucha

Los Angeles is my favorite city in the world, because of the salutation to the sea everyday…

On the road to L.A

Because of the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine.

Los Angeles ShrineLos Angeles Shrine

Because you can play “Find the best forgotten celebrity name” on Hollywood Boulevard

Because it’s saturated with colors.

Because it’s the best place to update your social media

Because of Little Tokyo. Because of matcha ice cream and açai bowls.

little tokyo ice cream

Because sunsets are just never as beautiful as in L.A.

Because it’s evergreen, from the Getty Museum cacti to Topanga State Park.

Topanga Canyon

And because it’s easy to be your own celebrity and to just not give a fuck.

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