Los Angeles Digital Nomadic Style

During the time when we arrived in Los Angeles following Highway 1, I was freelancing for a French company. I needed to get work done three days a week with professional phone calls starting at 6 in the morning to match the European time zone. It was very hard, but it was a good deal considering I could still travel and keep making good money at the same time. For a few weeks in December 2017, we camped outside of L.A between Thursday and Monday, and rented Airbnbs in Los Angeles and around from Monday evening to Thursday morning. Continue reading “Los Angeles Digital Nomadic Style”

My Own Public Idaho: The Beauty of America’s BLM Land

When Henri and I crossed the border from Wyoming to Idaho, we started using more and more what’s commonly referred to as BLM Land in order to camp. BLM means Bureau of Land Management and it’s the Federal US institution managing the use of these public lands —lands that are owned by all Americans (as opposed to owned by a single, private landlord or corporation). These beautiful preserved lands, comprising 640 million acres that nobody can privatize (yet) are hands down one of the best things I discovered about America.  Continue reading “My Own Public Idaho: The Beauty of America’s BLM Land”

“Van life”: How Much Does Overnight Parking Cost?

Long Key State park

If you want to live on the road in the United States and would like to get an idea of budget for parking and camping, hopefully I can help as I did keep track of everything we spent for campgrounds and other overnight parking so far. We have been spending about $25 per night on average over 6 months. You can find everything inside the spreadsheet at the bottom of this article. Continue reading ““Van life”: How Much Does Overnight Parking Cost?”