The People of Savannah

They like to sit on benches with or without a hat on.

James, SavannahMan with a hat, SavannahBench, SavannahThe Hat, Savannah Girl with a Cigarette, Savannah

They understand “stylish”.The Red Hair, SavannahThe Walkers, SavannahWoman with a hat, SavannahWoman and a flag, SavannahWoman and Dog, Savannah

Sometimes they are dogs.Henri & Dog, Savannah

They know how to appreciate a rich scenery.Rich scenery, Savannah

Chilling out is an art for them.The reader, Savannah The Sleep, SavannahThe Hammock, Savannah

Staying active while having fun too.The Bike race, Savannah

Savannah was our first stop in Georgia and it was a special place. The downtown area is designed around 25+ squares all looking pretty and unique. If you’re on a budget, you can camp in the Fort McAllister State Park nearby ($28 a night for a tent and car).

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